Mock Session for Competition Camp — Sunday 17th April, 2016

In order to prepare well for the camp, we are organizing a mock session on Sunday 17th of April Insha’Allah at Alfalah masjid.


What:    Mock for the competition camp

When:   April 17th, 2016 Sunday  9:00AM3:30PM

Where:  Alfalah Masjid

Why:     To prepare the youth for the competition camp


This session is MANDATORY for all the scouts that have registered for the competition camp. We will not be able to let a scout participate in the competition camp if he/she does not participate in the mock.


The following skills will be worked upon:


  • Building a radio tower using bamboo and twine  (1 hour)  LEAD: Sc. BADAR
  • Setting up tents (1/2 hour)  LEAD: Sc. ADNAN
  • Setting up cooking stations (shelter and set up) (1 hour) LEAD: Sc. ADNAN
  • Fire lighting (1/2 hour) LEAD: VENTS
  • First aid refresher (1/2 hour) LEAD: Sc. AISHA
  • Cooking (for 3-4 people) (2 hours) LEAD: Sc. DAANISH


While doing all the above it is important to distribute responsibilities within your patrol


All food and camping supplies will be provided by 1st AFC Insha’Allah


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