Al-Falah Islamic Centre is the meeting place for the first Muslim Scout group in western GTA. Since October 2009, 1st AFC Scout Group meets every Tuesdays evening (7 pm to 9 pm) to learn outdoor, leadership and team building skills in a fun, hands-on manner.

The group is now in its 7th year and has 3 youth sections: Cub Scouts (age 8-10), Scouts (age 11-14) and Venturers (age 14-18).

Scouting is an international youth movement started in 1907, and today comprises more than 28 million youth and adults in 160 countries and territories worldwide, including many Muslim-majority countries.

In Canada, over 74,000 youth and 23,000 adult volunteers participate in scouting programs. The Scouting philosophy has many commonalities with Islamic values, and this fact attracted Al-Falah management to initiate this program for our local Muslim youth.

What programs can we offer Muslim youth?
How should we prepare our youth to become contributing members of society?
Which program does not sideline the importance of religion and spirituality in our daily lives?

These were some of the questions addressed by the pioneers of this initiative at the Al-Falah Centre. Scouting offers successful, well designed programs to engage our youth. In fact, Scouting’s three main principles are immediately familiar to any Muslim: "duty to God, duty to others and duty to self." It’s mission is to "contribute to the education of young people... to help build a better world where people are self-fulfilled as individuals, and play a constructive role in society."

Scouting helps achieve these goals by building a wide range of skills in the youth in a fun and challenging environment. Some of the activities and skills taught include camping, hiking, tree planting, orienteering, community work, first aid skills, outdoor cooking, survival skills, skating, tobogganing, praying, nest building, team-building, discipline, learning respect and tolerance, disability awareness, building friendships, community work and much more.

Who Can Join Scouting

@ 1st AFC Scouts Group : Youth (Girls and boys) ages 8-18.
Cub Scout Section: Youth (Girls and Boys) Age: 8-11.
Scout Section: Youth (Girls and Boys) Age: 11-14

Venturers Scout Section: Youth (Girls and Boys) Age: 14-18

When do Meeting Takes Place

Regular weekly meetings take place on Tuesdays from 7 — 9 pm. The group also has day trips or weekend trips periodically throughtout the year on week-ends. Punctuality is strongly encouraged to run a smooth program. Salaah is part of the meeting.

What is the cost?

1. Registration fee: $220/youth. The fee is broken down as follows: $185 for Scouts Canada for registration, program support and insurance + $35 remains with 1st AFC for supplies and other program-related expenses. All payments should be made by cheque to ‘Scouts Canada 1st AFC Group’. No cash, please. In case of need, there is the option of paying in installments with post-dated cheques.

2. Uniform: Scout shirt and handbook, approximately $45-50 These can be purchased from the the Scout Shop in Oakville (165 Randall Street, Tel: 905-338-9135)

3. Additional funds throughout the year for camping trips, day trips or other outings. These are subsidized by fundraising efforts so as to minimize the cost.

For more information please contact: firstafc@yahoo.ca
Majid Kazi: kazis_ca@yahoo.com
Mohammad Aleem Uddin: mau1458@gmail.com

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